Leading Magento Development Companies In Dubai To Partner In 2021

2021’s Top Magento Development Companies In Dubai To Look Forward To

In today’s landscape, when everyone has bats in the belfry for social media platforms, Ecommerce has made many startups possible. One can easily find any shopping store on Facebook and Instagram or even food delivery apps; all this made possible with an easy reach a company gets when compared to the offline mode which is an expensive thing.

Besides, there are no geographical constraints to an ecommerce store. Thus, setting up an ecommerce store is the must-have step if you want to target a bigger audience and reap mammoth profits.

But, how do you step on it rightly?

What kind of Magento website development company will offer you a lending hand in establishing a strong and irresistible e-commerce store?

Let’s gather stats to make the right choice!

With an exponentially increasing number of online shoppers globally, all businesses keep their eyes on having their own online ecommerce store and start selling their products and services.

If you are planning to kick-start an ecommerce business, you must have considered numerous outstanding ecommerce website development solutions like Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Though, there are numerous platforms yet the bigger half of professionals and businesses prefer magento in Dubai and across.

Also, because of it’s excellent and splendid features web developers consider the Magento platform as the ideal choice for creating an ecommerce website. Moreover, it’s utterly desired by every business because of it’s array of advantages that are unparalleled and a must-have simultaneously.

Even web development using the Magento framework is presently the trendsetter and an emerging concept at the nonce. This dilemma often makes businesses sit on the fence to choose one among top 10 Magento development companies of UAE or hire a professional developer experienced in Magento.

So, presently you must be searching for a reliable and experienced Magento development company in Dubai for your project. Although, finding the right firm is the first and foremost step, and importantly you need a reliable partner that will offer you with an efficient, captivating ecommerce website with all features that will make your website stand out in the crowd.

But, what crucial things are a must-have for an ideal Magento company?

Here’s the answer!

  • Expertise of the company with Magento services
  • Visit to their technical portfolio
  • Ability to integrate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) feature with your ecommerce website
  • Client review and feedback on trusted and reliable B2B platforms like Clutch, Glassador, Linkedin.
  • Organic traffic and ranking on Google of the partner company
  • Cumulative annual growth for defining the ROI marked with high client retention rate.
  • Top clients of the firm.
  • Validate certifications and accreditations in the respective Magento field.

However, hiring a Magento development company to establish your ecommerce is always beneficial to harness behemoth profits from your business. But, keep in mind to pay attention to all the above discussed parameters before you make up mind for one. So, don’t hold yourself and take the first step to establish yourself as the cliche goes — “Try One’s Hand At”!

To help you rake the indispensable benefits of the online world, I dive deep in the internet, vet abundant companies on the aforementioned parameters, and finally clutched top 10 service provider for the best Magento development services in Dubai, UAE.

Let’s start with the top pick of 50,000+ global clients!

1. Xicom Technologies

Founded In: 2002

Location: USA, India and Dubai

Employees: 350+

Price: $25–49/hr

From the past two decades, Xicom Technologies has yearned its top-most place among leading IT service providers globally. Their savvy-experienced yet passionate team curate themselves as the most trusted and affordable choice among top 10, Magento development company in Dubai, India and the USA.

Besides, their professionals are round-the-clock ready to walk the extra mile for bringing their client idea into an operational reality. The company’s core objective to “Inspire The Next” makes them match footstep with emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, and many others to offer clients nothing less than minutes.

Lastly, they are an ideal choice to hire experienced and skilled Magento developers in Dubai, popularly known for their inventive experience and innovative approach. Notably, their credibility with the latest technology stack makes them adept for project development with any complexity and size.

2. Experion Technologies

Founded In: 2006

Location: USA, India and Dubai

Employees: 100+

Price: $125–149/hr

If your first and foremost objective is to find a Magento Development Company ideal for your project’s unique yet industry-oriented needs, Experion Technologies is a considerable choice. After all, nothing matters more than partnering with the best choice.

Experion Technologies is known to offer the best and unmatchable solutions for Magento, Web, Cloud, and Analytics development. To add, their customer base ranges from startups and MId-size enterprises to dynamically growing firms. Also with their technology wizards under their sheathm they act as the most reliable choice to partner for your technology development requirements.

Lastly, they rely on their team to meet and overcome any digital challenge with utter ease.

3. Emizen Tech

Founded In: 2013

Location: Dubai and India

Employees: 100+

Price: <$25/hr

Among the leading names for Magento development service in Dubai, EmizenTech has crafted a place since 2013. Also known as Adobe partner, their team of experienced Magento Developers deliver enticing omnichannel and numerous device-oriented storefront experiences to clienteles employing Magento Open Source and Commerce editions.

At EmzienTech, they cater to the best ecommerce development services assisting businesses in amplifying their customer reach and maximizing their revenue through the optimal fusion of user-centric solutions, omni channel presence, and expertise with customer tools. Also, they craft and create customized mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms intending to accomplish business targets and offer unparalleled customer satisfaction.

4. Rave Digital

Founded In: 2007

Location: Dubai and Florida

Employees: 150+

Price: $50–99/hr

Rave Digital sheaths a team of accredited engineers to create customized web and mobile solutions, especially in ecommerce development. They offer best-in-class services to hire Magneto developers for delivering quality technology services.

Also, they are a certified Magneto professional solution partner, Google partner, Salesforce partner offering end-to-end ecommerce solutions for launching and maintaining a professional online presence.

Their strong domain experience, expertise with technicality and quality-driven delivery model, enable them to offer their clientele base with ecommerce solutions as well as CRM integrations to streamline marketing efforts and adequate post-sales support. They also cater to SMB’s by signing up as their technology providers or vendors for their digital needs.

5. Branex LLC

Founded In: 2005

Location: India and Dubai

Employees: 200+

Price: $50–99/hr

If you are in the lookout for a reliable and affordable Magento website development company in Dubai, Branex is a considerable choice. They curated a place among the leading service providers of ecommerce development globally. Also, their team is known among the top-of-line creative digital firms, dedicated to offering enriching digital experience with their inventive and innovative solutions to startups and flourished firms.

Besides, considered as one of the excerpts of a digital web agency in the region, they understand and acknowledge every unique requirement set of clients coming in the way of generating leads, upholding sales and accelerating traffic at their virtual storefronts.

6. Magneto IT Solutions

Founded In: 2011

Location: New York and Dubai

Employees: 100+

Price: <$125/hr

Magneto IT Solutions is an avant-garde solution provider to meet any size complexity and digital challenges in the ecommerce development aisle. Their core competencies lie in creating marketing-leading end-to-end ecommerce solutions. Popularly known as a trusted Magento company for producing striking, beautiful web stores to inventive mobile apps, their team is well versed with agile methodology to create industry-leading user interfaces to perfect user experience.

With their resource strength of 100+ professionals, they lend a helping hand to their clients for their ecommerce businesses by integrating groundbreaking digital marketing solutions. Also, they help their clients increase the efficiency of their in-house team by improving and scrutinizing their customer acquisition and client retention rate.

7. MobiWorld

Founded In: 2010

Location: Dubai

Employees: 150+

Price: $150–199/hr

MobiWorld is a worth-to-invest choice while vetting the list of the experienced Magento development agency in Dubai. Their experts dwell with enriching experience in the aisle of Magento development, full-fledged service design and development mobile app firms.

Moreover, they create excellent and personalized Magento development solutions, mobile apps and games. They leverage emotions, accomplish the impossible, keep their clients enthralled, and lastly make their dreams an operational reality.

Besides, they also have numerous Dubai Lynx mobile apps under their name along with SL magazines mobile apps award for crafting the best shopping mobile app of the year for Geant Hypermarkets.

8. Brainvire Infotech

Founded In: 2000

Location: India and Dubai

Employees: 200+

Price: $125–149/hr

Among numerous Magento development companies in India, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Brainvire is a forerunner digital enabler, and a trusted IT consultancy firm that has fueled fortune 500 firms and startups since 2000.

Their core objective lies in industry 4.0 technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Blockchain with hands-on experience in integrating the technologies in ecommerce stores.

The United Nations have released a handful of the apps created by them, and many others making headlines in the leading news dailies of the US. with rooted headquartered in Dallas, and offices in the USA at New York, California, & Utah, UAE, and Kuwait they have successfully created 1500+ projects with their professionals.

9. Icreon

Founded In: 1995

Location: USA

Employees: 25+

Price: $150–199/hr

Iceron is a gold verified innovation agency with a focus on transforming customer experience and automating operations for clients across the globe. Established in 2000, Iceron is a considerable choice for Magento company in the USA that works with nonprofits and associations, mid-market firms, and fortune brands across distinctive business verticals.

Icreon reimagines customer’s technology ecosystem from top-to-bottom, front-end to back-end, ushering in an entirely new era of digital maturity. Also, it’s an award-winning digital transformation partner that has an international team of passionate yet dedicated professionals with a 97% client retention rate.

Lastly, their specialization and innovative approach make them among the favourite choice for startups to fortunes brands.

10. Web Castle

Founded In: 2008

Location: Dubai

Employees: 10+

Price: $125–149/hr

Web Castle is a renowned synonym for the trusted Magento Development Agency in Dubai that is established on the foundation of passion, creation and vision.

Their in-house technology professionals have exquisite experience in designing and developing 500+ websites and mobile apps for clients across the globe. They follow futuristic and innovative approaches in a defined way to do business without compromising on quality, creativity and time-defined execution of the projects.

They strive to offer unparalleled exposure to their clients in an inventive and creative manner. And, since their debut, they have grown by leaps and bounds along with expanding their clientele base. Also, they take immense pride in being recognized as one of the most creative digital advertising firm in Dubai, UAE.

In The End…In general, you never have to look further than a reliable Magento community to achieve support and resources for getting the most of your ecommerce website.

The right Magento development company offers you the boutique of Magento services with hosted eCommerce events as well as Meet Magento networking events, that portrays opportunities to meet the partners in person, discuss your project with free estimation, and create strong working relationships.

In totality, whether you have a small business or a big organization, there is always a brio of a workable solution for your web development requirements. Hopefully, the information we have provided you with the best Magento service providers will help you narrow your search for the best technology-partner to aid your ecommerce business and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

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