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The mobile revolution is here!

Since we all are a part of the digitally smart world, around 80% of people who own mobile devices search for products and services online. And, out of 80%, 27 per cent searched for mobile apps that are related to the products and services they want.

So, before diving a little deeper in choosing the rightmobile app development company, it’s time to get the latest inspiration, insights and data to thrive in the market. Let’sLet’s find out how mobile apps are the proven way to mark an unskippable presence of the brand in a digitally-dominated world with stats and facts.

Still, looking for more numerous conveniences that can be a lucrative business for those with a groundbreaking app idea. Have a look at amazing mobile app stats to uphold your decision.

By now, you would have understood the importance of mobile apps for your business. And, however, you will be in the lookout to hire an app developer that offers you a well-designed mobile app to keep your business connected with users.

After finally deciding to invest in a mobile app, the next roadblock that comes is how much it costs to hire the right resource?

Let’s Find The Answer To This Most Frequently Asked Question.

When it boils down to hiring mobile app developers, there are significant factors that are crucial in helping you assist the rightway!

Hire Tip 1: Choosing The Mobile App Development Platform & Approach — Native or Cross-Platform

Irrespective of which platform you are looking to develop a mobile app — Android, iOS and Windows, the approach of creating an app — Cross-Platform or native also matters.

The initial cost to hire a mobile app developer varies according to the operating platform you partner with to create your app. Let’s understand this in-depth:

Foremostly, if you are planning to introduce a native app whether, on iOS or Android platform, you need a specialist with experience in generating a codebase for the specified mobile platform. Thus, developing a native app for different platforms will surely add up development cost and time to the complete process.

Instead, if you search for a business app targeting multiple platforms, then it’s worth selecting Hybrid app development approach. It will be an affordable option and less time-consuming as with a single codebase, you can create an app that jells with multiple platforms.

According to Statista, the median amount charged from mobile development companies worldwide, to develop for three popular platforms in past few years:

Although, with unprecedented rise of everyone going mobile, the present scenario of cost for app development is as follow:

Hire Tip 2: Hire Developer Grounded On Application Type

Hiring the right resource based on app type makes a significant difference. As like, developing a social app is an entirely different story than developing an on-demand service app. So, before you make any choice, ensure to dig into their past experience of creating apps and importantly have a look at their niche of developing mobile apps.

Hire Tip 3: Hire Developers According To Their Experience

When it funnels down to create a mobile app, there are numerous choices of multiple technologies, programming languages and frameworks that help you develop an app. Nevertheless, the success of any app solely depends on how proficients access the techniques to customize the look and zeal of the app.

To have a better understanding, the below table offers an insight of app developers responsibility varying according to their cost.

Hire Tip 4: Partner With Developers Varying On Their Location

Did you know the cost of hiring the right team for app development in Dubai and the USA varies according to the location greatly? So, while you hire the mobile developers, the geo-location of the app developers plays an inevitable role.

And, according to the Buildfire and other survey reports, I concluded that India, leading the pack followed by Australia, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine as the most common yet affordable hub to hire talented and experienced professionals in comparison to the rest of the world.

Probably, you must be thinking what follows next?

Remember that the calculations of mobile app developers are always solely based on a weekly or monthly basis according to the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) of the app development company you choose to align with. Often, the expert works five days a week that approximately makes it to 160 hours a month.

Hire Tip 4: Ally With Developer Experienced With App Complexity

The ideal partnership with the resources ensures an accelerated development process for your business, helping them reach great heights in a minimal time frame. Besides, the minimal time it consumes solely depends upon the app development features, design, integrations and functionality of the app.

So, evaluating and determining the client’s app requirements precisely will help you understand the development process, technologies, process, agile methodologies, and the amount of time taken to finish the project.

For instance, fundamental and straightforward of the app development process are priorities to be discussed and worked requiring minimal time, effort and costs of the app. In contrast, there are some scenarios like upgrading your present app version or integrating the app with the latest codes like Swift or Swift 3 or switching to Android app or Kotlin programming language. Then only a professional mobile app development company comes to your res

And, before you decide on any name, take into consideration their prices. Whether the prices they offer are too high or too low to attract, for a fair estimation, consider the aforementioned table to determine the details of the app you are going to develop.

A Healthy Comparison: Android app developers are costlier to partner in comparison to iOS app developers as there are numerous aspects to be covered while building an app for Android platform whereas iOS platform is enough clear, polished and advanced to other platforms.”

Now, is the high time to make the right hiring!

Hire The Right Talented & Experienced Team Of App Developers

At this point of time, hiring the right resources makes the mammoth difference. However, with millions and trillion of options available to hire app developers, scrutinizing the ideal fit for your app is not as easy as it appears.

Along with above mentioned tips, here are some easy to follow tricks to find your cup of tea.

  • Outline your project needs
  • Validate their experience and portfolio as developer
  • Check team size
  • Clients testimonials and reviews for the company
  • Ratings on trusted B2B and B2C platforms like Clutch, Goodfirms, Linkedin and Glassdoor.

Aside from these tips, it’s advisable to dig a little deeper in the firm’s portfolio, to evaluate what is their minimal project, the kind of project they handle, and their past work experience.

Although finding and choosing app developers has no determined prerequisite to follow. This is a service, not a ready-to-use product that you see. So, whether you want to hire an iOS or Android or native or cross-platform app developer, going for a reliable app development company means constancy and more resources at hand.

The experienced companies dwell with extensive hands-on expertise in creating enormous mobile apps. So, here’s a quick rundown for the one who can make an app:

Download some of their apps and try it yourself.

Check for the similar apps created with the proposed technologies.

Expertise, price, team size, feedback and ratings…. Weigh it all, and you will for sure have a crystal clear picture of how to step ahead.

The Awaited Upshot… Partnering with the mobile app developers is not any rocket science if you know what exactly you are looking for in your hiring process. Right from hiring the developers to your budget to what features you need to have in your app, an innovative and inventive mobile app development company does it all for you.

Regardless of the easy availability to hire app developers worldwide, making the right selection becomes so daunting and a never-wrecking task, especially for beginners.

But, with this piece of information, I hope to help you determine what to keep in mind while funnelling the list of professionals, how much it roughly costs you hire and what factors significantly affect your app development cost.

Expectantly, you would have got answers to your most daunting questions through this blog. If somehow, there are a shadow of doubts, feel free to ask experts about it, right away!

Originally published at on November 2, 2020.

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