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What makes Flutter a result-driven app development in the software environment?

What makes Flutter mobile app development gain momentum?

Is it concordant that from a technical aspect Flutter has a lot more to offer than other platforms?

Are businesses opting for it because it promotes faster-time-to-market?

And it goes on!

These are a handful of common questions that knocks our mind whenever we hear anyone talking “Flutter”. This is why in the epoch of mobile app development, I decide to come up with this piece…

Quizzical about trying Flutter for your next project or wondering about the benefits your business will gain from it? Despite you being a CTO, a Technical-Lead or an app developer who needs to stay abreast with technologies to make effective app development decisions, this piece proves to be beneficial.

If you dwell from a development backdrop, then you probably have heard about Flutter, Google’s open source framework for creating cross-platform apps. Launched in 2017, the curiosity about Flutter in comparison to Xamarin kept on increasing since it made its debut.

The endless to-do list is quintessential to one’s routine. However, the predominant task is to take care of your precious assets and valuables.

Simply put, assets are like tiny tots. They need to be pampered, adored, and refurbished from time to time. Else, the consequences will drench your heart. One such asset, among others, is your car.

Cars, in all honesty, are an outright necessity for your everyday’s routine. It’s used for numerous purposes like daily commuting, long-distance travelling, weekend outing and many others. …

Fortnite dominates the competition with more than $2.75 million daily revenue. And, this is just one game, one country, one store. Just think about what revenue of the game will be worldwide and across numerous different devices.

Let’s have a look at the “Daily” revenues of the handful of popular games. The numbers are from Statista.

Daily Revenue $*: $ +2 Million


Daily Revenue $*: $ +1 Million


Daily Revenue $*: $400K — 1 Million


A Reminder: “The numbers are for iPhone daily revenues in the USA region.”

Simply put, there has never been a better time to invest and create a mobile gaming app in the USA and the international market.

So, if you plan to create a…

Like many before you, you have a ground-breaking app idea burning in your mind but have no thought of how to turn its profit potential to fruition. And like many of them who have an escape as app entrepreneurs, you need to wade through the rope.

While some recommend you hire an app developer and make a fortune investing in your app idea, the rationalist will share the risks of mammoth that comes along.

But, before you analyze and evaluate all the potential red flags, it’s pivotal to understand — “Why Do You Want To Build A Mobile App”?


Dating App Development

Finding love has been an eternal quest for human beings. With so many movies, books, stories revolving around finding the right one, it’s no wonder that even today we are in one way or another fascinated about finding one true love.

But we are in 2021! Here everything can be solved with a mobile app. Agree?

Fortunately, for one’s hankering for a connection, app development companies in Dubai, UAE have a better prospect of finding love. …

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2020 — A Historic Year! As COVID-19 shadows the globe, transformed economies and evolved daily lives, one thing is questionless — we all rely on mobile to connect, work, learn, play and escape.

At the peak of the epidemic, as we close the chapter in 2020, what happened in mobile? Now, is the time to transform the rules of the game for business, and how should you prepare to win on mobile in 2021?

Let’s have a sneak suspicion about a scenario where you are going home from…

Have you ever lost your way while driving to that crucial meeting you are trying to schedule from the past few months? Does your dilettante try finding the right route to a destination, by asking random strangers — that anyhow led at a dead point?

Well, truthfully speaking we all have been through such scenarios more than once in our lives.

But, millennials are fortunate enough to witness an era of digital upsurge. The personalized platforms offer easy access to technology which initially introduced us to a world of comfort and . …

Which leading iPhone app development company in Dubai, UAE should you get in touch?

Probably, you’ll be asking yourself this qumestion whether you need to create iOS, Android, Windows, web or a cross-platform app. Anyhow, it’s not the time to have tongue-in-cheek to make the right choice for an iPhone app development company.

These days, we hypothesize mobile app development companies are best in delivering exclusive mobile apps for different platforms with a check on their industry-oriented unique needs. …

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In this highly digitized era, undoubtedly, every activity is closely synced up with the technology. Whether it be planning a meal for the week or getting to the office without having to go through the traffic- our lives are significantly relying on the technology. And all thanks to software development companies that blend the right set of skills and technology to develop a product that seamlessly fit our modern-day life.

In fact, an increasing number of mobile applications embedded with emerging technologies have changed the shopping psychology…

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