10 Best Flutter App Development Companies To Look For In 2021

Top 10 Flutter App Development Companies To Look For In 2021

Today, the tech-world has been abuzz with Flutter since its inception, hailing it as a game-changer in developing cross-platform apps. Right from the time Google released Flutter, some of the leading companies like Alibaba, Hamilton music and many other firms have created apps with Flutter whose volume speaks about how it has helped businesses.

You must have heard zillions of things about Flutter.

In April 2020, Google revealed that “half of million developers” use its open-source UI framework Flutter every month. 2 million developers have already been using Flutter since version 1.0 was released in December 2018, and nevertheless adoption is not showing any sign of slowing down. As Flutter began its life as an open-source mobile UI framework offering a helping hand to the proficient and experienced app developers in Dubai, USA, India and across the globe to craft intuitive interfaces for iOS and Android; this framework is undeniably everyone’s hot pick.

Also, Flutter allows the developers to build desktop, web, mobile apps from a single codebase. To add, developers use Flutter on mobile, wearables, laptops, desktops, televisions and smart displays with uttermost convenience and ease that too anywhere and anytime, which Google called as — Ambient Computing.

With mammoth benefits for businesses, Google’s objective behind developing Flutter is to help developers and to lead mobile app development companies in Dubai and across the globe to start the development process efficiently. It is done by merely answering — “what you want to have” rather than “which device you are targeting”?

So, to have the right app developed with the right team of developers, you need to do some research, analyze and evaluate the firm and finally, funnel down to the top choices that meet your unique yet industry-oriented needs.

Seems daunting?

But, before you proceed ahead and put your finger on any firm from the flooded option of app development companies, wait and jot down your project requirements. Don’t worry, to help you choose the ideal mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE I have pocketed the best ten app development companies after vetting on the following crucial parameters.

  • Client’s feedback, ratings and reviews on Google and trusted B2B platform.
  • Cumulative annual growth with the client’s retention rate.
  • Expertise with the latest trend in mobile app development arena.
  • The distinctive array or portfolio of work.
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Strict NDA agreement
  • A reference check by visiting on the website

And, by now I have shared all the important information required for your project in hand, choosing the right partner for your project is merely a matter of scroll down.

Let’s get started!

  • Xicom Technologies

Founded In: 2002

Location: India, USA, and Dubai

Team Size: 350+

Pricing: $25–49/hr

Started in 2002, Xicom Technologies is a trusted and affordable mobile app development company in Dubai when techno-world is at a buzz with the Flutter framework for developing future-ready apps.

Their inbound team of 350+ highly skilled app developers, analysts, and designers cater to result-oriented and innovative cross-platform app development solutions in India, Dubai, and the USA to help startups, SMEs and big enterprises across the horizons achieve new heights.

With 15+ years of expertise in the digital landscape, Xicom’s app developers in Dubai match the pace with the emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Computing, and hybrid app development that craft them the top-most nook in the app development companies for Android and iOS. Lastly, being a certified member of BBB, NASSCOM &STPI, Xicom adheres to deliver innovation that inspires the next across distinctive business verticals.

  • Experion Technologies

Founded In: 2006

Location: India and Dubai

Team Size: 150+

Price: $125/hr

With more than a decade experience, Experion Technologies is a name in the digitals aisle catering to 130+ global clients. Their client retention rate is quite good as their in-house app developers in Dubai walk the extra mile to gratify the best with best on hands experience for Flutter.

Their clientele, who were interviewed directly by Clutch, rated them at 4.9 out of 5 rooted on numerous performance parameters. Their experts serve the distinctive and unique needs across Healthcare, Transportation, Logistics, InsureTech, FinTech, and other domains/ Industries.

To add, they create custom software solutions and mobile and web applications for their clients by harnessing Mobile, Web, Analytics and Cloud technologies. Their customers vary from mid-sized enterprises, early-stage companies to fast-growing startups.

  • Zibtek

Founded In: 2009

Location: Dubai and India

Team Size: 50+

Price: $150–199/hr

Established in 2009, Zibtek is among the leading iOS app development companies in Dubai with cementing footprints in the dimensions of cross-platform, E-commerce, mobile and web app development. Industry veterans lead their dedicated team of professionals with real-world experience of initiating, integrating and implementing among multiple companies.

Their professionals adhere to alluring your company for success in your digital transformation efforts as their objective. Moreover, their strategic and agile methodologies make their technology wizards to effectively manage software projects of any size and complexity, instantly and cost-effectively without any hassle.

  • Semaphore

Founded In: 1995

Location: India and USA

Team Size: 1000

Price: $200–300/hr

Semaphore is a Silver Touch Technologies Export Division in a CMMI Level 5 & Microsoft Gold Certified choice to partner with the trusted and leading mobile app developers in Dubai for the project’s undefeatable success. With having 1000+ IT experts on the ship they offer Software Development Services on numerous technology platforms like Microsoft .Net, Blockchain, Big Data, Open Source, Mobile, Java, Flutter etc.

Dwelling by more than two decades of experience in Software Development, ODC, Web & Mobile Development Services, their techno-geeks has served 2000+ clients globally with offices in the USA, UK, France. They have state of the art Development Center located in India also.

  • Quovantics Technologies

Founded In: 2010

Location: India

Team Size: 50+

Price: $125–149/hr

Since its fancy stage in 2010, Quovantics Technologies has crafted its place among the top and leading IT firms to hire the best and skilled freelancers app developers in Dubai. The firm pays special attention to user experience design, architecture, and creating products using open source platforms and the Microsoft technology stack.

Their expertise and precision lie in creating beautiful products and experiences which clients across the globe love to work with. They make this tedious job a simple task by rigorously following a design-led approach towards software development, constructively challenging each other for the decisions they adhere to take.

  • Classic Informatics

Founded In: 2002

Location: USA and India

Team Size: 150+

Price: $125–149/hr

Classic Informatics is a renowned global web development company with a proven track record for creating innovative digital solutions. Their objective, dedication and expertise make them create a place in the best ten mobile app development companies in Dubai, delivering solutions that are second to none in the industry.

Their techno-wizards team up with Start-ups, SMEs & Enterprises to develop and deliver user-oriented digital products and solutions. They accomplish this by infusing their technical expertise with out-of-box design-thinking, helping businesses to transform the conventional approaches. Their approaches and methodologies are supported by agile-centric processes and inquisitive minds who excel at what they do.

  • West Agile Labs

Founded In: 2007

Location: India and Ukraine

Team Size: 50+

Price: $150–199/hr

Suppose you are looking for a reliable yet savvy-experienced app developer in Dubai, UAE, India and Ukraine that fits easily in your project and simultaneously meets your project 100% uniqueness? In that case, West Agile is a considerable choice.

West Agile Labs is a popular software development and digital design firm rooted in the USA with offices in Ukraine and India. Having a team of over 120 people, they have built a niche on hiring the best developers that work with both startups and enterprise organizations.

At West Agile Labs, their professionals are ready to walk the extra mile for their clients, on the first project, and on every project that follows. Also, they offer consulting, design and development services to create impeccable products, foster close relationships, and help grow great companies

  • Alliance Tek

Founded In: 2004

Location: India

Team Size: 100+

Price: $125–149/hr

AllianceTek has 15+ years’ of extensive experience under their name in creating mobile, cloud & web solutions which curate them a position among the best mobile app development companies in Dubai. AllianceTek offers an onshore client service and project management team along with overseas developers and designers to gratify with the maximum benefit to their clients.

They minimize the challenges and hassle that comes often associated with the conventional outsourcing model. Their clients do not have to worry about culture gaps or communication problems that can arise from an overseas outsourcing firm.

  • Galaxy WebLinks

Founded In: 1998

Location: India and USA

Team Size: 500+

Price: $250–299/hr

Your search for an experienced and innovative mobile app development company in Dubai has Galaxy Weblinks as a worth-the-value choice in the already established marketplace. It is a web development & mobile app development company based in 1998 by going parallel with the footsteps with the emerging technologies and crafting a nook in the top choices.

With over 1000+ projects delivered to over 200+ clients globally, they are known to offer technical expertise with 24/7 support.

Their first and most important task is to help their clients understand the totality of the technology landscape and make them familiar with design, implement, and support solutions that fit precisely and accurately with their needs — and budgets.

  • Trigent Software

Founded In: 1995

Location: India

Team Size: 250+

Price: $200–300/hr

Trigent is a fore-runner firm in IT outsourcing and offshore software and cross-platform development business with an unskippable presence as the mobile app development company in Dubai and India. Their passionate technology proficients make organizations adopt digital processes and client engagement models to accomplish ground-breaking results and unparalleled end-user experience.

Besides, they proffer technical expertise, transparency, reliability, and in-depth precision to detail on every project. Trigent is super proud of their talented and dedicated team who time and again have proven their potential to craft and deploy dynamic, innovative, intuitive, excellent, and trusted software and app development solutions.

Lastly, they help their clientele base across the distinctive verticals to achieve this through enterprise-wide digital transformation, modernization, and optimization of their IT surrounding the latest trends.

Final Words… So, these are leading ten mobile app development companies in Dubai that after a challenging vetting process have made their place in the hot picks by zillion clients globally. And, probably you have compelling reasons to partner with the first and top choice as your development partner that proves to be an excellent choice for your paramount business success in 2020 and ahead.

To simply define it, you get the best quality of a beautiful app that costs less and is ready within a committed time frame. What more you could ask for?

Therefore, make sure to choose the services from an epitome app development firm in Dubai and what can be better than starting with your Free Project Estimation, Right?